Vonu, The Path Towards Liberation, & Expanding The P.A.Z.NIA Network

In this excerpt from TVP Intermission #65 (Aug. 3, 2021), you’ll catch a condensed version of a guest appearance on Brett Veinotte’s School Sucks Podcast with Joe Moutard, one of the organizers of the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest.

Herein, I introduce the SSP audience to vonu & P.A.Z.NIA, and Joe announces the intent of the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest going forward: to build an intentional community as part of the P.A.Z.NIA Network.


  • VONU defined
  • Potential lifestyle changes in pursuance of freedom
  • Rayo’s perception/view of the world in the 1960’s is much like how many of us self-liberators see the servile society NOW
  • Philosophies based on freedom are great, but it’s time to start building towards something
  • Joe Moutard talks about the long-term plans of the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest to build an intentional community as part of the P.A.Z.NIA network
  • Defining terms: permanent autonomous zone, temporary autonomous zone, First Realm, Second Realm
  • Vetting/security culture principles as ways to forego the difficult task of dispute resolution in the short-term
  • How to establish liberated areas in such a tyrannical wasteland?
  • The goal of the Second Realm is to rebuild all necessary human institutions upon a framework of truth, voluntaryism, and peace
  • Ben Stone & shifting the market demand away from coercion
  • What responsibility do we have in terms of outreach and “waking” others up?



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