The Ultimate Bill Cooper Collection (~1400 EPISODES)

Listeners to The Vonu Podcast, both old and new, should be familiar with Milton William “Bill” Cooper, and how stumbling across his book & radio show nearly a decade ago changed everything for me.

I was 19/20 around that time, and my life consisted of working for a moving company (mainly packing boxes), consuming all that Bill had to offer in the form of his largely shortwave and satellite radio show, The Hour of The Time.

Fast forward to end of 2014/2015: I conduct my first interview (and real podcast) with Ralph Epperson, someone Bill interviewed in the early 90’s. You’ve probably seen screenshots/memes of his book (1985, The New World Order) many times.

And starting in 2015, I began working with Gary Hunt, and soon after, had him on LUA Radio. Bill interviewed Gary in 1993 regarding Gary’s coverage of Waco.

Anyway, recently, I began to have concerns about Bill’s archive, considering the unreliability of his website, So, I did what I usually do in situations such as these and reached out to my good friend, Matthew Raymer, from

With a bit of script writing and website scraping, he had some ~1400 episodes of Bill Cooper’s archive downloaded & ready-to-go, all within 24 hours.

Now, technically speaking, it is all copyrighted, but Bill’s murder was ~22 years ago and I am NOT selling this. I’m publishing it here as a demonstration of how important I believe his content to be, regardless of timeliness, regardless of his Constitutional/minarchist perspective…

Principles are first & foremost; and Bill was solid on those. He wouldn’t have been a “self-liberator” in our sense here at vonu, but he would be in the sense that he always strived to live according to the principles he espoused and believed in.

And many of those would overlap with our vision here at The Vonu Podcast, our mission at Liberty Under Attack Publications, & with what we’re building at The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA.

Rest in peace, Bill. Cheers from The Free Republic.

And to you, fellow self-liberator…may you find value in this, or at least consider saving a copy (or upload it to Odysee, etc.) for posterity’s sake.


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