Worlds in Collision: An Introduction to the Electric Universe (with Wal Thornhill)

In this excerpt from TVP #135, Electric Universe pioneer, Wal Thornhill, covers:

  • His path into science & eventually the E.U. theory
  • Important books and authors he read early on
  • One of the most recent book burnings: Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”
  • The treatment of Velikovsky is demonstrative of the religious aspect of modern science: “beliefs drive decisions, not evidence or scientific investigation”
  • The creation stories around the world all seem to tell the same types of things & were obsessed with the planetary gods
  • Introducing the Electric Universe: what did the human race witness that resulted in this current post-traumatic stress syndrome today?
  • The obsession with doom porn & the fear of the end of the world

Check out the full episode, or find the entire archive by searching for “The Vonu Podcast” on your favorite podcatcher.



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