A Vonuan Guide to Firearms Part V: Wrap Up & Re-Cap

The P-80 Ghost Gun Glock Frame Jig & Kit

This is the last of the 5 part series, A Vonuan Guide to Firearms. I’d like to just give a summary of the series if you haven’t read or checked out the previous segments and then wrap things up nicely with some updates and a recap.

A Vonuan Guide to Firearms Part I: Selection

Explaining good reasons why you need to defend yourself (and why the police are not going to do it for you), defense against the States extortionists and the current police state in the USSA. I walk through some common handgun and rifle stats and some tips on purchasing. Ideally, it would be nice to have a weapon for everyday carry, a weapon for home defense, or a weapon that serves a dual purpose. Also depending on where you live, I give an overview of different venues where you can shoot automatic weapons and the importance of practicing.

A Vonuan Guide to Firearms Part II: Build or Buy?

Cody Wilson – Freedom pioneer and 3-D printing gun advocate, now charged with sex crimes and must register as a “sex offender.”

In part 2 I head into legal ramifications in certain geographical areas. The decision to build vs. buy is important and to do what you can despite the decrees laid down by the rulers prohibiting your right to defend yourself by any means necessary.

Since Part II was written, there has been a serious setback for liberty, specifically, Defense Distributed’s (“DD”) former CEO Cody Wilson has now been charged with sex with minor crimes, a high crime according to rulers punishable by up to 20 yrs in a government detention facility and a $10,000 fine, however, recently in August, Wilson pled to a lesser charge of “Injury to a Minor” for which he must be under watch by the bludge for seven years and register as a “sex offender” –no doubt damaging to credibility of any sort.

Paloma Heindorff, DD’s new CEO has stepped up and continued operations. The website is now under siege from several geographical tax boundaries’ rulers, claiming the plans are a detriment to public safety (blah, blah, blah).

With that being said, here are some helpful links to obtaining 3-D printed firearms plans. Most are up-to-date. Also, be sure to check out the recent podcast TVP #55: Gun Printing 101 with Ivan the Troll.

Ghost Gunner P80 Promo Video

Download Guides & Assembly Files for DD Ghost-Gunner


Disclaimer: Please use strong security culture when viewing and downloading CAD files, including but at a minimum; TOR, a VPN, secure browser, encrypted hard drive, an open-source operating system such as Linux, etc.



“I think it is obvious to everyone here that he’s been an incredibly powerful figurehead,” Heindorf said of Wilson. “But I think what’s important is to concentrate on here is that this is about an idea.”


In any case, we should all thank Mr. Wilson for his service, he has done more for the liberty movement than any half-baked political crusade. If you try to come and take them, I’ll just make them. In light of the recent propaganda and reporting of rare “mass-shootings” in order to condition the populous into surrendering their firearms to a powerful central government, the plans for homemade weapons cannot be more important and crucial to any individualist’s long list of priorities when it comes to living in spite of the state.

“I barely put a million bucks into this and I got you the Second Amendment forever,” he [Wilson] boasted to The Daily Wire in a phone interview. “What has the NRA done for you lately?”

Direct action > Political crusading.

The last part of this section is where I attempt to do some research on purchasing gun parts with crypto. The results were rather disappointing, as most online stores want you to come in to pay for your parts. You can find a few miscellaneous parts such as a scope, a holster, and some spare magazines, but the likelihood of you completing a build funded solely on bitcoin is slim at least at this point in time. I am hoping the situation is better in the future.

A Vonuan Guide to Firearms Part III: Basic Safety Rules, Firing & Maintenance

Part 3 is all about the 4 basic safety rules and how they should be closely followed. I for one certainly don’t want to hear in the mainstream media about someone shooting themselves or accidentally shooting someone else because they didn’t have common sense to unload their firearm while cleaning it or were not handling it properly. I also can’t point out enough that although negligent discharges happen to law enforcement, such as the FBI agent whose handgun fell while dancing and ended up shooting a citizen. Although the video is pretty funny, what’s not funny is the fact that there is a double standard between “holier-than-thou” law enforcement and citizens. I point out that if this were someone without a shiny badge, he would have been charged with attempted murder and locked in a cage. Since it is an agent of the state, this was just an innocent mistake.

In part 3 I also go over some basic shooting positions in order to properly and accurately fire a weapon. Different positions for different situations. For example, standing is the least accurate and least stable but is going to work well in a home invasion situation, whereas prone is the most stable and could work very well for firing at long-distance targets. This section also goes over briefly how to properly perform maintenance on a rifle and handgun and keep in clean working order.

A Vonuan Guide to Firearms Part IV: Disassembly and Re-assembly of Common Firearms

In the final part, part 4, I review the 4 basic safety rules and re-emphasize their importance. This is a helpful section and guides for disassembly and reassembly (DIS & ASS) of common firearms; S&W M&P 9mm, Colt 1911 .45, AR-15, and AK-47. There are some great tips to help you break down your weapon and give it a much needed cleaning. For me, the 1911 was pretty frustrating at first without a guide, but once you break it down a few times there are a few things you can do that will make it a whole lot easier. The importance of regular and proper weapon’s maintenance will prevent future jams and malfunctions in the future, when you need to rely on the weapon the most (to save your life).

Other Legal Interstices…

The P-80 Ghost Frame & Jig: How to Build an Unserialized Glock Frame in < 1 hour

P-80 Ghost Gun – Get your own frame kit here

Since writing the last part, I happened to read cover-to-cover Reason Magazine’s July 2018 Burn After Reading Edition. Thanks so much to Reason for putting out this edition. I highly recommend you pick yourself up a paper copy. Inside, I found plans to purchase a P80 frame for a Glock 19 Gen 3 9mm Compact Ghost Gun. These 80% frames are sold completely legal (provided you don’t sell the completed handgun) which are the main component in completing an unserialized and unregistered firearm.

How to (legally) Make Your Own Off-the-Books Handgun

Watch Spectre P-80 Gun Build Video

The plans are very helpful including the use of a Dremel tool and file set in place of a drill press (obviously use the drill press if you have one lying around). The P80 frame comes 80% complete and you need to remove the tabs on top as well as drill some holes. Obviously, do your research. States like Commyfornia, Newyorkistan, and the Communist State of Illinois may not permit tax slaves to carry at all let alone build an unregistered handgun. I encourage you to read the Reason article and go from there.

Final Words

I have crammed about as much as possible regarding firearms into a 5 part series and I hope at least a few benefit from these guides. Most of the information I learned from first-hand experience, going out there and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. The bottom line is you have to do what’s right for you. If someone says you HAVE to do something one way and you are more comfortable doing it another way, by all means, do it. I remember taking a class and some dousche tried to tell me I wasn’t standing right and how to properly stand. While I appreciate the feedback, I have been shooting a handgun for over 15 years and I’m not about to change the way a place my foot because of some stranger. I realize maybe these guides might be the equivalent of someone coming up to you and showing you how to work out at the gym, but with that being said, pick and choose what you like and what works.

  • Follow the universal safety rules to prevent accidents.
  • Clean your weapons.
  • Realize the State is against you.
  • Download some 3-D gun part plans HERE on August 1st 2018 – BLUDGE HAVE ORDERED REMOVAL. See additional links in this post for further plans.
  • Find ways to defend yourself and your family by any means necessary (because the bludgies won’t do it, take a look at the most recent of numerous Supreme Court rulings including Warren vs. DC).
  • Be Smart. Be Safe.

I really hope you enjoyed and got a lot out of the 5 part series, The Vonuan Guide to Firearms. If anything here helped you or benefited you, please consider giving a Bitcoin (BTC) donation to the following address:


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