🕊️Agenda Items: (1) The Great P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Mines, (2) Relocating The P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence Chat, & More?
🕊️Panel Members: Jamin Biconik, Alex Dischinger, Brian Sovryn, Josiah Warren, & YOU(?)

Year 2 is for expanding this Second Realm Network in both physical and digital space & time. And to brainstorm said expansion, we are proud to announce the first ever P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly!

Join us live on Jitsi APRIL 8th, 8 PM EASTERN/7PM CENTRAL to discuss a couple pressing items on the agenda, and whatever other questions/topics you have.

[Agenda Items]

1) The Great P.A.Z.NIA Bitcoin Mines
*After some expressed interest, we’ll discuss the logistics of setting up a distributed mining network. This will help fund developments in the Second Realm, give P.A.Z.NIANs a source of KYC-free satoshis (potentially as a tier 3 STEAKholder perk), some interesting, dual purpose ideas (like using a bitcoin miner to heat your home in the winter), and more.

Further, these individuals could also potentially run private, trusted full nodes/lightning network nodes for P.A.Z.NIANs to connect to.

(Potential subtopics to discuss: privacy-friendly multi-sig wallets? Operational security items. Investment capital. Benefits of distributed mining network: different jurisdictions, more resilient)


2) Relocating The P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence
*While Telegram is a good, interim option, unless it’s a “Secret Chat,” it’s not encrypted. We also don’t own the infrastructure, and there are other privacy concerns.

So, we are in the process of migrating the P.A.Z.NIA C.o.C. to a permanent new platform. Potential current options include: *ManyVerse (Scuttlebutt), *Session, *XMPP/Jitsi/Jabber.

All have their own benefits and drawbacks, which we will aim to discuss.


3) Q&A, Other Topics
*Whatever other questions or topics!

The first P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly will take place APRIL 8th, 8 PM EASTERN/7PM CENTRAL, live on Jitsi.

[Link to join:]

*Jitsi Note: You DO NOT need to give camera/microphone permissions to listen in on the call/participate in chat, nor should you have to download any software.

We do hope to see you there — thanks in advance for your contributions to the Second Realm!

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