[The GhostSystem] Failing To Realize How Much Freedom Has Been Lost…& How To Gain It Back

In this age of technological totalitarianism, the main method of control, identification, and coercion is the smartphone, and more generally, these Babylon tools of digital slavery.

Many have failed to realize how much freedom has truly been lost…well, it’s true. I didn’t fully realize it until I began my transition off these spy devices.

In this excerpt, Jamin & I discuss real counter-measure solutions…true ways in which these tools can liberate instead of enslave.

Put another way, true ways to own your shit.

And “owning your shit” means more than having the device and paying the bill. It means being the arbiter of everything that transpires on that device.

We present to you…THE GHOSTSYSTEM.

COMING SOON to Liberty Under Attack Publications.



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