The GhostSystem: An Overview & Motivations with Jamin Biconik

The following is an excerpt from TVP #159 with Jamin Biconik, wherein we went deep into The GhostSystem, a suite of privacy-enhancing products to drastically increase your invulnerability to coercion.

In this clip, he discusses his longstanding motivations and covers the most important elements of The GhostSystem brand to note.


  • Jamin dispels the nonsense about Linux machines being hard-to-use and inefficient; without even taking into account the surveillance dangers, the industry doesn’t want users to be empowered & in control of their computers
  • What does the “Ghost” brand mean? The device is not able to be OUT-OF-BAND MANAGED
  • Being able to own your shit makes the slight initial adjustment inconveniences worthwhile
  • The “free” in free and open source refers to AUTONOMY, not price; support the systems that are actually counter-measures to this totalitarian dystopia
  • Most importantly: you can build everything in the GhostSystem yourself, or you can outsource it to Jamin…for fuck’s sakes, just do it



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