TVP #70: The Temporary Autonomous Zone Revisited [Building The Second Realm]

On this classic episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio from Feb./March 2018, Kyle Rearden joins me again to discuss another element crucial to building Second Realms: Hakim Bey’s concepts of temporary and permanent autonomous zones. The terms are simple enough to understand, but it’s worth taking a deeper look at these two powerful paths to personal freedom.

We begin by introducing the concepts/defining our terms, we read/discuss important sections, and spend the remainder of the show going down TAZ rabbit holes/lines of thought. View the show guide below for more information.

Show Guide:

    • Introducing the concepts, examples of lifestyles, and differences
    • Rojava a PAZ?
    • The TAZ and the Second Realm
    • The TAZ as a festival/carnival
    • The left and their reasons for alternative lifestyles (van nomadism, tiny house, frugality)
    • The trend toward peer-to-peer/decentralization
    • The Net and The Web — the early Internet and it’s role in TAZs
    • Using the Internet to coordinate TAZ’s/PAZ’s
    • Gone to Croatan/Gone Native — abandoning the servile society for the Second Realm
    • The TAZ as a peaceful solution
    • Exchanging information as the foundation of the TAZ
    • Psychological liberation and psychic nomadism
    • Digital TAZ’s
    • You’ll know it’s a PAZ when you see it
    • PAZ Access — freedom of association/disassociation
    • Alternative and underground economies/linking ethical enclaves
    • The PAZ as a node for self-liberators
    • Utopia NOW! despite the risk
    • J. Neil Schulman’s comment on Kyle’s mirroring of the TAZ article (re: vonu, agorism, TAZ’s, Konkin)
    • Overall takeaways on the strategies
    • Grown up libertarianism comes down to defending property rights with guns

Show Notes (from original episode):

Temporary Autonomous Zones Article
Permanent Autonomous Zones Article
Hakim Bey’s Wikipedia
“Grown-up” Libertarianism Quote
The Vonu Podcast
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men [Excerpt with Link to Book]
The Second Realm: Book on Strategy [Book]

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