LIBERTAS: A Four-Part Series – Part I Tommy & Avery

Libertas is a four-part fictional anarchist series of short stories created to depict narratives of hope in an otherwise hopeless servile society that portrays coercive authority as immortal heroes. Latin for “liberty, free will, or no longer being in a state of confinement or servitude,” is a collection that presents characters of the Second Realm (that is, self-liberators and freedom seekers) as heroes. They are written to give those who have woken up to the truth and continue this new parallel culture of freedom in spite of the state.

This is part I in a four-part series of fictional short stories. Enjoy.


Son! It’s time for dinner!” Avery shouted at the top of his lungs, per the usual call to his son Thomas—Tommy for short and only Thomas when he was in trouble—for dinnertime. Tommy had spent an entire day playing outside in the large expanse that was the family’s beachside homestead, which included; the large garden, a massive yard, and forest, and the beach, which reached as far as he could see. “Okay dad, I’m coming!” Just then Avery saw a lightening streak zoom by him. Tommy got so lost in his adventures outside and his imagination that he sometimes lost track of time. His dad only had a few rules and one was, be home in time for dinner.

She left Avery and Tommy when Avery was very young. They could remember when she would pretend to like their company, and how she could never seem to take the time out from her important and very authoritative political career to have anything to do with them.

Avery had always been the cook. Tommy did his best to help his dad out in the kitchen, peeling onions or potatoes, and getting the dishes and the silverware out. Tommy was never disappointed at his dad’s dinners, except for the one time he left a roast in the oven way too long and set off the fire alarm.

“Hey dad, can we go take a walk after dinner down by the beach? Do you think we could ever walk to the end of the beach?” Tommy scooped up the pasta off his plate and shoved it into his mouth like someone that had never eaten in his life.

“Sure Tommy, that sounds nice. You know, I’ve always tried to walk to the end of this beach, but even with the number of things I think about along the way, I can never quite make it to the end; it seems to go on and on forever.”

“Whoa, neat. What do you think is at the end dad?”

“I don’t know, but we can certainly try to make it there, but we only have enough time to make it to sundown, that doesn’t give us much time.” Avery cleared his throat and took a large drink of iced tea.

Tommy looked at his dad with wide eyes and then ate quickly as if though he was now on a deadline, on a mission. “Okay dad, let’s go right after dinner!”

They both helped each other clean up the dishes and put away things so that the kitchen was nice and they grabbed their sweaters and headed to the front door. They only had a few hours until dark and after that, it was very hard to see. Avery didn’t want them to suddenly walk off a cliff or fall into large crevasses that sporadically covered the ocean side.

It was a particularly nice evening for a walk, but now that Avery had given Tommy a little hope about reaching the end of the beach, he was determined to get as far as possible. Tommy dragged his dad along as he fast-walked until his little feet met the sand and rocks. He looked out at the sunset as it blanketed the sky with red and orange hues in the most beautiful display of colors. The waves rushed up and crashed against the rocks they headed towards in the distance. Avery was amazed at how well Tommy knew the terrain and his way around the area, but seeing as Tommy had spent almost every waking minute outside, playing with animals, building forts, swimming, and letting his creativity and imagination run wild, it made perfect sense.

“Come on dad keep up! We need to get to the end, over there, see?!?” Tommy pointed to the large bend and the cliffs up ahead.

“I’m right behind you, go on ahead!” Avery smiled and lit up a smoke. He admired the evening, the landscape, and how life sometimes can take a turn for the better.

Before you know it they had reached the bend where the beach curved and then headed south over a large coastline. Tommy threw sticks at seagulls as they perched themselves on rocks and ate the bugs. Avery caught up to his son, who found a spiked sea urchin that was caught in low tide. The waves came up and attacked Tommy’s ankles, but he was too enamored with the black spiky creature to care that his high tops and socks were soaked.

“Hey Tommy! come on! let’s see what’s around this corner okay?!?”

“Okay, dad.” He finished poking at the urchin and continued trekking along the beach, his shoes now making a squishing sound, “hey dad, what are those over there on that ridge?” Tommy pointed to the massive array of white satellites that were perched peacefully at the end of the cliff, there were at least five or six of them in all.

Avery had been this far before, he knew what they were and had walked up close to them and had gotten too close for comfort. He walked as close as he could get on prior walks until he saw the barbed wire fence and the armed military security that stared him down until he did an about-face and almost ran back to the homestead. He had a feeling what they were up to and it wasn’t anything good. These people that operated in the shadows began a program of mass-surveillance over a decade ago when people were too comfortable to care, and had used the product of hard-working citizen’s labor to construct this massive complex. They shot signals over the ocean and sent data to other countries, and those countries snooped on the population in order to obfuscate the rule of law. He hoped Tommy couldn’t walk this fast, he’d hoped he hadn’t reached the end of this beach so that he wouldn’t have to explain to Tommy what was really at the end, and how there was no going further after that.

“Dad, what are those satellites up there on those cliffs? Are they looking for aliens? Are they looking to improve our world, make it a better place by spreading a message of peace? Are they helping to heal the earth and help the environment?”

He always expected a million questions from Tommy, especially when he was curious. Avery admired his innocence, but couldn’t possibly lie to his son, “Well son, there are very powerful people in this country that think they are above us normal citizens, and well, rather than take all that energy, knowledge, and expertise and ‘reach for the stars’, help others that are in need, or spread a message of peace, they are using it to take away what is left of our privacy. That’s why we live on our homestead Tommy, away from all this. There are bad people out there that want to do bad things and control you. If we want to change it, we need to take it upon ourselves to take action, do you understand?”

Tommy looked like his dad just told him there was no Santa Claus. “I understand dad, I want to look up at the sky and I want to know what’s out there, and I want to help others and I want to make the earth a better place.”

“That’s very admirable son, I think you will succeed at anything you do. Keep asking questions and never lose that curiosity of yours okay?”

“Okay, dad. I know what’s at the end of the beach and I understand. Can we walk back now?”

“Sure, Tommy. Let’s go back and get some ice cream, you can have two scoops.”

They stared out at the array of white satellites that endlessly cast their signals into space like druids casting their spells into the air as the darkness came, but there was still beauty in the sky in that sunset and in those colors and in the crashing waves and in Tommy’s curiosity.

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