A Second Realm Thought Experiment…

Editor’s Note: A couple weeks ago, I received an email from a listener, as I do somewhat often. This wasn’t a normal email, though. Rather, this was another case of a listener taking ideas we posited in the podcast and formulating a real, plausible way of increasing personal freedom — or, in this case, in building the Second Realm.

I was particularly impressed by his/her suggested use of a proxy merchant combined with utilizing the minimal “privacy protections” offered by the First Realm, in this case, pertaining to HIPPA. I submit it here for possible feedback, adaptation, etc.

I have left the email as I received it, but have edited it slightly for ease of reading and removed any possible personally identifiable information. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

I’m thinking about making my private medical practice 100% crypto. No fiat unless you have cash (due to anonymity). However, that’s just the beginning. My creativity is swirling.

Because of HIPAA law, not even a subpoena from a judge can release records if the patient doesn’t release them. The IRS can audit, but they’d never know who paid what amounts. Especially if anonymous crypto is used. In this way, we create a LEGAL super miniature TAZ [temporary autonomous zone] between provider and patient with protected transaction records. (This can be done in the context of digital settings as well.)

This paradigm can be expanded in a hundred creative ways because of a new mode of care in my profession called “Community Acupuncture,” whereby a room full of patients get treatment at the same time, which cuts costs of real estate and can be done in any space. Corporations hire these providers for group treatment of staff. Each patient is protected by HIPAA law. Therefore, the first world [First Realm] provider of the second world [Second Realm] TAZ is protected from ever releasing the details of what goes on with or between his patients.

An example on how this can be used for trade of physical products:

The patients are not protected from each other, however trade can be anonymous using a “Community Gift Box” which is an escrow container. If they all know me and I know them, HIPAA protects us both. So, a first world provider of TAZ also can serve as a second world transaction booth for black market/gray market tax-free transactions. This can be moved anywhere at any time so it is mobile.

All we would need to make a legal, permanent second world PAZ [permanent autonomous zone] is the real estate and enough anarchists trading with each other to finance the space.

Second world black market living space can legally be created because we can create medical justification. Call it full access private “meditation” rooms. The beds are actually treatment tables. In this way we get around zoning laws, and legally. Good spot for a fugitive of an illegal government to protect themselves.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or email [email protected]!

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