Dwelling Portably (May 1994 Issue)

Below, you will find the shortest, and I believe to be, final publication from the batch we’ve been busy getting digitized–this one is called Dwelling Portably [sic], published by Bert and Holly Davis. To provide some background information, Bert and Holly pursued an interesting, and quite radical vonu lifestyle–for many years and maybe even now, they traversed the Western United States with only a backpack and minimal supplies, setting up camp for the night, week, or month.

Herein, you will find some quite incredible tips on camping, such as alternatives to camp fires, different ways to suspend a cooking pot, and information on wildly available, edible greens. You’ll also find miscellaneous notes/letters from Bert and Holly, as well as from their various subscribers. Interestingly enough, you’ll also get some fascinating history of how some indigenous peoples lived in Canada and elsewhere.

Shout out to Jason Boothe for his help in proofreading/editing! Thank you for your service.


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