LIBERTAS: A Four-Part Series of Anarchist Short Stories

Libertas is a four-part fictional anarchist series of short stories created to depict narratives of hope in an otherwise hopeless servile society that portrays coercive authority as immortal heroes.

Libertas, Latin for “liberty, free will, or no longer being in a state of confinement or servitude,” is a collection that present characters of the Second Realm (that is, self-liberators and freedom seekers) as heroes. They are written to give those who have woken up to the truth hope and continue this new parallel culture of freedom in spite of the state.

As new pockets of freedom are being created each day, individuals need stories that will inspire and empower them, despite the constant barrage of propaganda fed to the serfs every day involving our captors being brave for pushing the bounds of morality (e.g. prisoner torture, war crimes, brutality, courtroom theatrics, political crusades that go nowhere, etc. etc.).

In order of future release, the Libertas series is as follows:


Avery and his son Tommy are out for a hike on their family’s homestead when they discover something unsavory. Tommy’s father must come to grips with telling his young son the truth about the First Realm and its wasteful inefficiencies and overwhelming need for control.


Mr. Elliot reclaims the spark of creativity, free will, and individual self-ownership after decades of being a mindless vessel for the state.


Mr. Taylor, like many of us, was a victim of First Realm drudgery; the constant slog of a commute, the endless paying of mountains of debt with a salary where over 40% is extorted to fund endless wars and murder across the world, and the never-ending news cycle which keeps the citizen-serf in a constant state of fear. Mr. Taylor wakes up one morning and decides to take direct action; one step further to taking control of his own mind.


She is heavily involved in political crusading and genuinely believes she can make a difference, but Ms. Alys has sadly been misdirected. One day, she breaks away from the time-wasting, unproductive, and inefficient methods of politics and finds her way down a path toward true freedom in a fight against the servile society and the state.

I hope you are just as excited about reading this short story series as I was excited about penning them. The first one will drop shortly. In the meantime, if you feel like this is a worthy cause, that is, writing to inspire other liberty-minded individuals, please feel free to give a completely voluntary, non-coercive gift of Bitcoin at the following address:


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