TVP #71: [Building The Second Realm] #1 – The Philosophy of the First Realm

In this old episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by our LUA creative consultant and my former co-host here on The Vonu Podcast, Kyle Rearden, to take a deeper dive into this ongoing series and discuss the philosophy of the First Realm.

Herein, we define our terms and discuss various elements of the First Realm, such as the culture, symbols, institutions, obstacles freedom seekers/pioneers need to overcome, and mechanisms that allow the “rulers” to keep their slaves in chains, mainly via slave on slave violence and cultural pressures.

Show Guide

  1. Our introduction to the Second Realm concept
  2. Defining our terms
  3. Some excerpts from Second Realm: Book on Strategy
  4. Culture/cultural codes enforce and justify the statism of the First Realm
  5. Important human institutions that were co-opted and are now controlled by the State (and thereby converted into tools to enslave individuals in the First Realm)
  6. The monopolies on entertainment (professional sports primarily in this discussion) that are co-opted by the State and used as propaganda outlets (or founded as that from the start)

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