Keeping Up With the Joneses: Breaking Away from Collectivist Thought

Mr. and Mrs. Jones over there have a freshly manicured lawn and hedges, high powered $80k automobiles, and no doubt spending through the nose to purchase and consume everything as prescribed by society. You better get out there and start mowing weekly, get the best weed killer out there, find out what cars are the hottest, because you need to keep up with appearances. You sit at your typical job earning a decent wage after the government steals half, the rest will go to pay the massive mortgage and your car loan, and in the end, there will be nothing left so you’ll have to go into debt, but at least you will be up to par with your happy neighbors.

But, why?? This is what I asked myself not that long ago. What is the fucking point? Because society tells me I have to? Because I need to keep up with the collective? Mr. Jones mows a useless 1/10 acre plot of greenery once per week so I should too? It is heading down this road of repetitive, semi-conscious, collectivist thinking that can only lead to a life of servitude; to banks, corporations, and government.

There is Another Way: VONU

“Apply your free market principles by setting sail for sunnier waters.”


Out of all the liberation strategies out there today, self-liberation seems to be the most practical way of living the remainder of your life semi-free, and as invulnerable to state and private coercion as possible. Being 100% invulnerable is a pipe dream, particularly because nearly every square inch of this earth is occupied by coercive state power. But, you can start by clearing the collectivist spooks from your head and cease spending the majority of your money after theft on keeping up with some kind of fanciful American dream.

The Statist Servile Society deceptively sucks you deeper into a comfortable quagmire, where you are distracted only enough so that the state can continue to harvest tax revenue from you. Its collectivist narrative perpetuates throughout all forms of media, books, TV, and movies. Its surveillance apparatus is fully operational, and soon you won’t even be able to do anything of personal enjoyment without the bludge keeping a watchful eye on you.

But what do you have to hide?

My VONU Progress Update

Recently over the last month or so I sold my house and will soon not have a permanent address. If you want to have some fun, go tell some tax slaves you are homeless and watch the deer-in-the-headlight looks! This is just such a radical, uncommon thing that most people can’t even fathom being without a residence which they owe money to the bank for, even though all logic and reason would tell you that you can be freer than you’ve ever been and not have to owe >$100K to anyone or any institution anymore. You can start focusing on what matters most and that is obtaining liberty in your lifetime.

Obviously, this comes with some challenges, as I’ve found out. Even though the statist run postal service is only famous for sending me junk mail, I still chose to obtain a PO Box for Amazon packages and other various items in case I need them. You should have seen the forms I had to fill out for this. The first thing the form said was, “Filling this out incomplete or attempting to falsify the document you will be subject to imprisonment.” Wow, good to know. I don’t suppose FedEx or UPS has a kidnapping disclaimer on their documents.

So, in a little under a month, I will be without bound but still selling my labor to a large corporation. In order to maximize my personal freedom and maintain saving at least 50% of my income during this transition period, I plan to purchase cheap hotel rooms (Extended Stay, etc.) closer to work. You can book a few months of Extended Stay for about $33 a day, which isn’t too bad. The only reason I opted for this and not a campground was its close proximity to the workplace.

So far I’ve sold off or donated the majority of my possessions, the remainder of them have sentimental value to me (artwork, my massive library of books, DVDs, and crypto rigs). I have purchased a self-storage unit which was pretty easy to get, and it was relatively cheap. It’s also great for storing my arsenal of firearms which I wouldn’t store in my vehicle for fear that the bludgies will no doubt kill me.

I may or may not lease an apartment for the time being while frugal saving, but for the most part, I plan to retreat to the Appalachian Trail and get started on breaking away. This will motivate me to take the final step and once I save up enough, only enter the Statist Servile Society in order to re-supply, and purchase a Permanent Autonomous Zone deep in the wilderness (Colorado, New Hampshire, or Alaska) while spending much of my time on the road as I can. There have been some ups and downs, but mostly its been great. I will keep you updated on my progress. Take care.


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