TVP #72: [Building The Second Realm] #2 – The Philosophy & Culture of the Second Realm

In this classic episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I’m joined by our LUA creative consultant and my former co-host here on The Vonu Podcast, Kyle Rearden, to take a deeper dive into this ongoing series and discuss the philosophy and culture of the Second Realm.

Show Guide

  • The distinction between the First/Second Realm, and how most folks are in transitions (shades of grey) versus wholly either in the First/Second (black/white)
  • Defining our terms
  • The amorphous Second Realm
  • Excerpts from the Book on Strategy on individual autonomy
  • The Second Realm comes down to property rights (ownership of one’s self and the fruits of one’s labor)
  • Interfacing with the First Realm (i.e. the servile society) and the importance of keeping the two realms separate
  • The parallels with indigenous cultures/communities
  • Could the Second Realm participate in assassination politics/markets, the avenging angels concept, and anarchist vigilantism?
  • Parallels with the Constitutional-/colonial-era
  • Technology and the Second Realm
  • Excerpt/discussion about Second Realm culture — art, creativity, symbols/codes
  • Privacy’s critical role in the Second Realm
  • Building each other up in the Second Realm, versus the constant tearing down that occurs in the servile society

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