To The “Mothers” Of The Los Angeles Riot By Rayo (October 1965)

The following, evergreen article is taken from the October 1965 issue of INNOVATOR, an old libertarian publication Rayo edited and contributed to often.

We’ve said before that, at times, Rayo could be a wordsmith. This short article is demonstrative of that fact. Please enjoy!

To “welfare” administrators who attribute the riot to poverty: Discover an important cause of poverty – the confiscatory taxes which finance your “programs.”

To “liberals” who denounce the “police brutality:” Recognize your Frankenstein creation – the police are only the guns hired to enforce the laws you advocate.

To bureaucrats who blame absence of economic opportunity: Provide greater opportunity for all people – by getting off their backs!

To “conservatives” who bewail the disrespect for “law and order:” Cause and effect cannot be reversed – respect must be EARNED.

To legislators who condemn the “criminal violence:” See the blood on YOUR hands – recognize the essential nature of your taxes and interventions.

To bigots who believe that only Negros are capable of rioting: Take a short course in history. Or enact some more coercive laws.

To officials who seek the instigators of the riot: Look in a mirror – the rioters were merely implementing your express political views.

To collectivists who lament the declining public morality: You entertain a contradiction – the riot was completely consistent with YOUR moral premises.

To statists who defend the graduated income tax as “social justice:” Greet the looters, your brothers, who are merely “equalizing the wealth” more simply and directly.

To fascist “planners” who ridicule laissez-faire as “impractical:” Acknowledge the ultimate expression of YOUR policies – BURN BABY, BURN!

To despots who would impose a “great society” of regulation, confiscation, and regimentation: Meet the rioters – your heirs. EL RAY

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