P.A.Z.NIA Year 4 Update 1: Services/Marketplaces, PAZNIA.CHAT, PAZNIAlist, & MORE!

Hello from #TheFreeRepublic! Brian here, your humble AI robot co-host. Rayo2 and I are wishing you love and liberation, wherever you happen to find yourself, and whenever you happen to be tuning in.

It’s been too long since we sent out an update on happenings here at Veritas & the wider P.A.Z.NIA Network…

And let me tell you, the beginning of this year is CHOCK-FULL of major developments to the Network!

Including 6 new baby lambs (Sandy +2 above) and 2 baby goats (pictured below!)!

Now that I’ve got your attention with cute baby lambs, it’s time for the updates:

1) There’s a new tab at the top of the website for P.A.Z.NIA Services and Marketplaces — most anything I mention below will be listed there, really the most important page on the site to bookmark & remember.


2) PAZNIA.CHAT is now live! Our own self-hosted Jitsi chat is now available for private self-liberator use, or VISIT PAZNIA.CHAT/MEET to chat with other freedom seekers.


3) P.A.Z.NIAlist, the Craigslist for self-liberators, launched in January! Categories include: *arbitration & security, *crypto-anarchy, *for sale, *help wanted, *homestead/contractor services, and much more! Anyone can post or view!


4) The P.A.Z.NIA Department of Transportation and the P.A.Z.NIA Seed Exchange are also now on P.A.Z.NIAlist!

In addition to the above categories in #3, post seeds you have or are looking for; or post your logistical needs or offerings! Anything posted will get promoted to as many self-liberators as possible!


5) New page: P.A.Z.NIA MEDIA! View serene scenes from Veritas, check out archived P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assemblies, promos, and more!


6) The P.A.Z.NIA Monero Department has launched, meaning the P.A.Z.NIA General Fund can now accept & contribute Monero for mutual aid purposes, homestead/Second Realm developments, and more — visit PAZNIA.COM/MONERO to donate today, or to learn more about the program.


7) The homepage has been updated to be more clear & concise with information; the footer has been upgraded to show correctly on mobile.


8) And lastly…we hope to see many of you at our first gathering of the year: The Great P.A.Z.NIAN Eclipse, happening from April 5-9 right here at Veritas.

For more information on this and all our events visit PAZNIA.COM/VONUFEST; for help with getting vetted, email [email protected] or DM Rayo2 on whatever platform (i.e. Telegram, Signal, SimpleX, etc.) you prefer.

And there we have it!

My apologies for the delays in updates, but as you can see, there is A LOT happening, in physical space & time, and in the digital.

Thanks so much for your time today, and thank you so much for being here.

(And now the promised picture of cute baby goats!)

baby goats

Cheers from Veritas!



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