EXIT Society: The Importance of Self-Esteem

It is obvious that anyone going through a traumatic event experiences some kind of mental instability. Most events we will never forget, horrific or otherwise. But, what could be more traumatic than finding out that you are not as free as you are being told? Rayo’s words describe me almost perfectly as a controlled schizophrenic as early as two years ago, and the scary part is I (like many citizen-serfs) was not aware of it. Some deal with their own enslavement better than others, but to be honest–for me–it was depressing as hell at first. It was very helpful for me to maintain a positive outlook on life throughout my research and personal journey toward self-liberation. After all, I have an opportunity to be freer than I have ever been, through the strategy of VONU.

“He lives ‘conventionally’ but takes advantage of some of the easier, more obvious loopholes. He pays income taxes but hires a tax accountant to maximize deductions. He registers for the draft but goes to college in hope of being made a technician instead of a target. His mental state is one of controlled schizophrenia. He believes most of the statist myths in which he was indoctrinated yet maintains a modicum of skepticism. He goes to church, or at least accepts their standard of morality, but is not ‘above’ having a drink at a nude bar. He is largely rational in his work but keeps his rationality compartmented; he does not – dares not critically examine his life as a whole.”

–RAYO on “Controlled Schizophrenia”

In addition to extensive reading and spending as much of my free time as I can in wilderness areas as a form of mental relief, I also try as much as I can to keep my self-esteem up as I increase VONU. My personal observation is that the more that I utilize this strategy, the more 1st Realm, Servile Society culture becomes unappealing. I personally believe that the goal is to move and progress towards increasing invulnerability to coercion as much as possible and to progressively be less and less involved in the servile society–as Rayo puts it, freedom or neurosis.

Freedom of the Mind

I sometimes do a simple mental exercise and think, at a micro level, when I choose to write these words, when I pick up a spoon to stir sugar into my coffee, when I smoke a cigarette and watch the sunrise, no one can argue that I am free to do this; no one is stopping me. I can obviously only get so far into the exercise until I run into the State’s destructive barriers such as licensing and other bullshit, but at a certain level I am completely free, and more importantly, I am free inside my own mind (see Rayo’s passage on, clearing the collectivist spooks from your head).

Finding Happiness in Interesting Hobbies       

Find something to be happy about, get hobbies, and make those hobbies contribute to the advancement of your own journey of self-liberation. Recently, for example, I bought a book on wildlife specific to my geographic region. I think it’s really interesting when I am out on a trail to spot interesting wildlife and take note of animals I see as well as various plants and trees. There’s got to be something you enjoy doing in your spare time or you will go crazy, and worse yet your mind will play tricks on you. After going through nearly three decades of repetitive indoctrination and conditioning, I’d imagine it is pretty easy to fall back into the comforts of slavery.

“To live, man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: Reason—Purpose—Self-esteem. Reason, as his only tool of knowledge—Purpose, as his choice of the happiness which that tool must proceed to achieve—Self-esteem, as his inviolate certainty that his mind is competent to think and his person is worthy of happiness, which means: is worthy of living.”

–Ayn Rand’s A New Intellectual – Galt’s Speech

Observe the Good in the World; and Participate in It

Despite the violence and murder committed daily on behalf of the State, you can still observe some good in the world, whether it be an old man helping his elderly wife cross a busy intersection, or a complete stranger assisting a homeless man in getting off the street during a winter storm. Although serfs in the servile society are hopelessly stuck in a realm of limited freedom, most people are not the cold-hearted callous people as portrayed in the servile-society’s movies and sensationalized fascist state-run media. Leave the monopolization of violence to the State and try to see the good in people. As unsocial as I am, I appreciate the occasional companionship and conversation of a kind and genuine person that does their best to make it in this fucked up society.

Plan Ahead

And so in making the decision to begin a self-liberation strategy, I would tell anyone to hold this opportunity sacred. Consider this the greatest opportunity of your life. So depending on where you are in your journey, I can’t emphasize enough that careful planning and attention to detail is really important, whether it be security culture, finding temporary means of employment in the 1st realm, an uncertain entrepreneurial venture, or simply making sure that you are able to do the things you love. On one hand, don’t be afraid to take (calculated) risks, but on the other hand, be smart about it–the last thing you want is to be stuck twisting in the wind, broke, trapped, and forced to be dependent on others.

Do What Works for You (“You Do You”)

Everyone is different and have a variety of personality types that may require more social interaction to stay happy. Some (like me) are content with a pile of great books and a good spot under a fur tree to read them. Keep a good positive attitude and outlook on your life, see every day as a new opportunity to learn something new and as you are increasing your MTH (Mean Time to Harassment) increase your own mental clarity, meditate, and find peace and beauty wherever you can (while ignoring the filth of the servile society).

“Far too many of the world’s people feel inadequate and insignificant because they don’t match up with the unrealistic and insane expectations that are set by the mainstream culture. Forget about those expectations and forget about those standards, they are no good for anyone and they are not the measure of your worth. Using wealth, status, and appearance as social measurements is a recipe for disaster as it degrades human beings and sets false ideals of self-worth. It’s difficult to gauge the value of someone’s life by external factors, but if we must be judged, it should be according to our actions and how we treat those around us, not the superficial standards of mainstream culture.”

–John Vibes & Derrick Broze – Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion


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