A Call to Direct-Action: Let’s Create the Culture of the 2nd Realm

[First Realm] Culture is Not Your Friend

“What civilization is is 6 billion people trying to make themselves happy by standing on each other’s shoulders and kicking each other’s teeth in. It’s not a pleasant situation. And yet you can stand back and look at this planet and see that we have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love, and the community to produce a kind of human paradise.”

-Terence McKenna

One might look out at the First-Realm and be disgusted; it’s hollow rituals for choosing masters every so often, it’s bread-and-circus distractions, materialistic and shallow consumerist nonsense designed to keep the serf in the status game longer, spend more money, and continue the cycle of the siphoning off of one’s monetary gain to the rulers. The news-cycle is chock-full of this bullshit. One example that comes to mind is a certain athlete didn’t stand up for the sacred song and so there is a certain level of outrage that is expected. Among this, there is also the seemingly repetitive fear-mongering that reiterates after every sensationalist piece, that government is necessary and that we–the slave–are useless as an individual.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In Rayo’s letters, a common theme is that just by doing what you feel like, re-claiming your mind, doing what you want without asking for permission, you are winning against the State. This I think is an important difference to note between the collectivist schemes (voting, petitioning, campaigning, or protesting) and the self-liberation strategy of VONU. Another interesting key point is that as humans, we are self-interested creatures. We desire companionship and other individuals with which to trade ideas and goods with.

“As for self-liberation being a ‘cop-out’ from the struggle against the State: we ARE confronting the State – and WINNING! We do (or don’t do) pretty much what we choose, dress (or don’t dress) how we feel, and trade in freedom with other free men (the few there are so far). […] We don’t believe that a ‘free society’ will be brought about by a holy cursade to reform or destroy the establishment, because we don’t believe altruist-collectivist means will bring about libertarian ends. We refuse to sacrifice our lives in a futile effort to free millions of sheep-people who blank-out or fail to comprehend what freedom is, will not strive for liberation, and wouldn’t appreciate liberty even if it were given to them. We do, however, encourage the incipient freedom-seekers we encounter – because we have strong self-interest motives: since few are liberated, each additional free man means significantly more trade opportunities. If ‘society’ ever is liberated, this, I think, is the way it will be done.”

-FURTHER REPORT FROM A NOMAD. MAR 1968, from “The Life of Tom Marshall” by: Jim Stumm

A Call to Direct-Action

So with that being said, my friends, I invite all of you, as a “call to action” if you will (NOTE: I feel it’s necessary to point out here that I’m not actually telling anyone what to do, do (or don’t do) whatever the hell you want):

  • As self-liberators, let’s create more self-liberation media and less arm-chair philosophy (although philosophy has its place in the spreading of ideas, it would just be nice if individualists took action more).
  • As vonuans, let’s Join the VONU Forum, a growing private community of self-liberators and post at least 1-2 discussion points.
  • Check out the SECOND REALM BOOK ON STRATEGY. It’s a free download at or available in print at LUA Publications.
  • Let’s create more Second Realms in physical space and time–Pockets of Liberty–by meeting up (selectively) with other like-minded individuals and (a more challenging route) converting others. You can also listen to the LUA podcast archived Building the Second Realm series (LUA Podcast #69) where this topic is covered more in-depth.

“Our strategy for liberty is the creation of a culture of liberty, a society that occupies its own protected space and impliments independent systems of cooperation. ‘We need to create a Second Realm.'”

  • Let’s write more liberty-oriented literature. Fiction or non-fiction. Let’s create the culture of the second realm in spite of the first realm’s useless filth designed to turn you into a half-baked ignorant moron. Find it in yourself to author that unique story that you’ve always wanted to tell to the world. Now’s the time. Don’t listen to the bullshit noise of the sheep-people that criticize anything that involves taking personal accountability for your own successes and failures. It may be terrifying at first, but after you experience true freedom and know it is possible (and it is), it can be quite a great feeling.
  • The first-realm offers up characters in books and movies that are rewarded by authority worship, always considering the horrible reprehensible evils of the means that always justify the glory of the collective as the ends (wars, dropping H-bombs on entire cities, fictional scenarios where cops are heroes for murdering innocents). Let’s write stories about how PEACE and LOVE win the day and how cooperation without the need for a monopoly on violence is possible. Let’s teach each other invaluable lessons through our story writing about how we each have something to share, how to plant a garden or simple ways increase self-reliance and get ourselves further out of the hands of the cultural engineers of the statist servile society.
  • Let’s utilize at least one or two techniques for a building a greater security culture online: secure encrypted messaging apps (Signal), secure e-mail (utilizing PGP, Protonmail, etc.), using TOR or a Multi-Hop VPN (Crypto-Hippie) at all times while online. For more details, check out Kyle Rearden’s book, Just Below the Surface: A Guide to Security Culture.
  • Let’s trade goods with each other using barter, untraceable cash, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) to become less reliant on the statist servile society. Some simple examples might be books, art, music, services, and ideas.

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